Fan Mail

Raves from our Audience

People who have attended Blue Hill Bach’s concerts are very happy to be there! Here is a sampling of their comments:

“Our friends…enjoy the music of Bach above all else…it was a wonderful evening!”

“I have heard nothing but excellent reactions of surprise and joy. We all hope that this truly has been a debut and will be repeated on an annual basis. This area has been hungering for Baroque music well done.”

“Brava! Brava! Just wonderful!”

“[We] were immensely pleased with your wonderful production. Many parishioners and peninsula dwellers I’ve conversed with were obviously thrilled and edified by this high-level presentation of Bach’s matchless music … it was a special pleasure to experience Jonathan Dimmock. He is not only a virtuoso organist and a devoted and knowledgeable Bach musician, but a person whose faith gives him access to a deep spiritual understanding of Bach, and helps him to be the compassionate, unpretentious and effective leader that he is.”

“The concert was absolutely lovely. The musicians were outstanding. The church organ sounded wonderful and now I appreciate it a little more. Plus, the church was packed. Hope you enjoyed the event as much as those of us in the audience did.”

“I wanted to tell you how wonderful it was to be a part of the concert. It was a valuable learning experience to work with so many talented people. Thank you so much for including me.”
Ellenore Tarr (high school soprano in chorus)

“We couldn’t have enjoyed Blue Hill Bach more. We can’t wait for next year’s performance.”
Sarah LeVine

“Absolutely wonderful evening! Bravo to you for all of your work in getting Blue Hill Bach together and then coming through with as good a concert of Baroque music I have heard – anywhere. Cantata 140 is probably my favorite, if I actually could name a favorite, but probably more by personal history than anything else. It was beautifully done, and Mein Freund is mein probably is an example of the best vocal and instrumental writing Bach produced. And what a performance, both of vocalists and oboe player! The other great duet, Wir eilen mit schwachen, is another great duet and you and Christa did a beautiful job with that. I remember having heard it from years before, but I forget which cantata it is from.”

“We just want to add our huge kudos and bravas to the many I’m sure you’ve already received. It was magnificent in every way, we adored the evening. On top of that, we are completely in awe of how one pulls off such a thing with musicians flying in from all directions eliminating the possibility of multiple rehearsals. It sounded like you’d all been at it for months. I hope you were as happy with it, being aware of every micro detail which of course we weren’t, as we were. And everyone else we talked to. It seemed universally acclaimed — a really wonderful, uplifting — in fact, transporting — evening. Thank you for bringing it to our community!”
Sherry Streeter & Jon Wilson (founder of WoodenBoat school & magazine)