Board of Directors

  • Karen Foster  Chair
  • Tom Bjorkman  Secretary-Treasurer
  • Suzanne Grosh
  • Susan K. Loomis
  • Gary Pinder
  • Kurt Stoll
Executive Director  Marcia Gronewald Sly
Artistic Director  Stephen Hammer
Conductor and Choral Director  John Finney

Board of Advisors

  • Jonathan Dimmock
  • Edward Dufresne
  • George Emlen
  • Lorenzo Mitchell
  • Paul Sullivan
  • Gerald Wheeler
  • Anatole Wieck
  • Patricia Winter

Donations for the purpose of Blue Hill Bach are tax-deductible
to the extent permitted by law.

Blue Hill Bach is a nonprofit public charity operating under Section 501(c)(3) and in compliance with Section 170(c) of the Internal Revenue Service Code. The IRS Identification Number 45-4334021.