Artists 2011-2017

Blue Hill Bach Artists, 2011-2017

Blue Hill Bach draws upon musicians from Maine, greater New England, and across the U.S. who are specialists in Baroque performance practice. We are committed to including local artists in the ensemble, including students from area high schools and colleges. In 2013, we created the Marville Young Artist Fellowship, which provides an opportunity for a young artist who shows extraordinary promise as a Baroque musician to work closely with professional musicians and administrators in an intensive and collegial festival atmosphere.


Molly Abrams* – Orono, ME
Erin Chenard – Bath, ME
Michele Corbeil – Brooklin, ME
Donna Dupuy – Blue Hill, ME
Suzanne Eaton – Blue Hill, ME
Abigail Lennox – Darien, CT
Molly McMillan – Sedgwick, ME
Karen Pendleton – Bangor, ME
Christa Pfeiffer – Berkeley, CA
Sarah Schneider – Blue Hill, ME
Julia Selberg – Middlefield, CT
Ellenore Tarr* – Brooklin, ME
Sonja Tengblad – Boston, MA
Kristen Watson – Boston, MA


Michael Albert – Portland, ME
Patty Chamberlain – Guilford, CT
Catharine Cloutier* ** – Liberty, ME
David Dickey** – New York, NY
Marcia Gronewold Sly – Brooklin, ME
Constance Hegarty – Surry, ME
Nancy Leavitt – Old Town, ME
Lorna Russell – Stockton Springs, ME
Lorna Stephens – Blue Hill, ME*
Patricia Stowell – Bangor, ME
Nancy Wilson – Ewing, NJ


George Bassett – Ewing, NJ
Jonas Budris – Brookline, MA
Andrew Cloutier* – Liberty, ME
James Eaton – Blue Hill, ME
John Merrifield – Blue Hill, ME
Peter Sly – Brooklin, ME
Peter VerLee – Bangor, ME
Francis John Vogt – Orono, ME
Ezra Woodeye* – Blue Hill, ME


John David Adams – Nobleboro, ME
Tom Bjorkman – Blue Hill, ME
Jacob Cooper – Somerville, MA
Doug Drown – Sedgwick, ME
Bradford Gleim – Jamaica Plain, MA
Keith Hutchison – Blue Hill, ME
Doug McMillan – Sedgwick, ME
Carlton Russell – Stockton Springs, ME
Reg Puckett – Lynchburg, VA
Joshua Twitchell* – Orono, ME
Tom Tootill – Sargentville, ME


Michael Albert — Portland, ME
Brandon Aponte – Blue Hill, ME*
Chloe Fedor — New York, NY
Richard Hsu — Ellsworth, ME
Lisa Rautenberg — North Haven, CT
Susanna Ogata — Wakefield, MA
Heidi Powell — Ellsworth, ME
Jude Ziliak** — New York, NY


Rachel Evans — Garrison, NY
Laura Gallucci — Winterport, ME
Ryu Mitsuhashi – Orono, ME
Anatole Wieck – Bangor, ME


Lucy Bardo — New Marlborough, MA
Sarah Freiberg — Belmont, MA
Lisa Nielson — Cleveland, Ohio
Stanley Moore** — Annandale-on-Hudson, NY
Max Treitler — Blue Hill, ME
Ben Wolff — New York, NY

Viola da gamba

Mark Nordberg — Litchfield, ME
Alice Robbins — Amherst, MA


Jim Adams – Deer Isle, ME
Christopher Kapsha – Stonington, ME
Anne Trout — Jamaica Plain, MA

Double bass

Jim Adams – Deer Isle, ME
Christopher Kapsha – Deer Isle, ME

Flauto traverso

Andrea LeBlanc — Beverly, MA


Joyce Alper – Boston, MA
Sarah Davol – Teaneck, NJ
David Dickey** – New York, NY
Stephen Hammer – Tivoli, NY
Priscilla Herreid – New Haven, CT
Jeanine Krause – Hofheim am Tanaus, Germany
Owen Watkins – Portsmouth, NH


Alan Hamrick – Somerville, MA
Andrew Schwartz – New York, NY


Jack Burt — Bangor, ME
Josh Cohen – Washington, DC
Kyle Goupille* – Presque Isle, ME
Max Hurvitt* – Blue Hill, ME
Blake Peachey* – Orono, ME
Robinson Pyle – Milton, MA
Timothy Will — Clemons, NC


Elisabeth Axtell – Waltham, MA
Todd Williams – Philadelphia, PA


Ben Harms – Marlborough, MA
Lynette Woods – Ellsworth, ME


Kevin Birch – Bangor, ME
Ray Cornils – Woolwich, ME
Jonathan Dimmock – San Francisco, CA
John Finney – Natick, MA
Abraham Ross* – Holden, ME
Gerald Wheeler – Deer Isle, ME

* student performers
** Marville Young Artist Fellow